How to Donate Used Bunker Gear

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The protective clothing that firefighters use is known as bunker gear or turnout gear. 

This term generally includes items such as jackets, trousers, gloves and boots; in some cases, it may refer to protective equipment as well. After a few years of use, the bunker gear may start showing signs of wear, rendering it unfit for use by personnel actively involved in firefighting. It may be usable, however, in certain other situations such as training. Rather than disposing of used bunker gear, consider donating it.

We take donations of old gear from any department/firefighters and distribute it to less fortunate departments in developing countries..

In poor countries firefighters run into burning buildings without gloves, helmets or boots, they work with extremely limited equipment and often with no training.. Still they are saving lives - They do so because they are firefighters.

If your department has recently replaced it's bunker gear and you would like to donate your old gear, let us know. contact

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